River Road Foundry is a family owned company whose core business is the supply of quality castings and other heavy engineering products. Dedicated to serving our customers, we are happy to provide free, no obligation quotations, and are always waiting for your call. Please explore our site to learn more about our company and the services we offer.

River Road Foundry has a long history. Lynn Smith Founders was started soon after the Second World War in 1946. In its first fifty years the company grew from its small beginnings into a large iron, steel and non-ferrous metals foundry based in East London.

Recognising the immense manufacturing potential of the former Eastern Block Countries, the company began to import castings in the early 1990's. By the end of the last decade, the majority of the companies business was in imported castings. As a response to this, the company closed its manufacturing facilities to concentrate on importing castings. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength. Building on it's core business of supplying castings, River Road Foundry now supplies fabrications.


River Road Foundry is a division of The Stour Bay Trading Company Limited