Because we at use our vast supplier database to source your product from a number of high quality companies, our capabilities are immense. We source castings of almost any weight and size, and look after the logistics of delivering them to your door. Below are some details of just some of the facilities that we have at our disposal.

High run castings Large castings Aluminium
Grey iron Steel SG irons
Yellow metals Die Casting Galvanising
Machining Pattern Making Fabrication

High run castings

High run castings are our speciality. We have access to a foundry that runs a number of modern disamatic moulding machines, each capable of producing hundreds of castings per hour.

Large castings

We are experienced in the sourcing and delivery of large castings. This service also includes the logistics of transporting large castings, including the sourcing of specialised transport and lifting machinery.


We are at home supplying aluminium castings, and have over forty years experience in running an aluminium foundry. We are able to source both high run, and large one off castings.

Grey iron

Grey iron castings are our speciality. The volume of grey iron castings that we purchase means that we are often able to supply at a price that most of our customers are unable to achieve on their own. We are equally happy sourcing high run castings, and one off jobs.


Steel castings can prove problematic to source effectively in this country at an affordable price. We have many years experience in running a steel foundry, and understand the processes involved. We currently source a large volume of steel castings, from small brake shoes, to fully machined press housings weighing in excess of six tons.

SG irons

SG Iron castings are another of our specialities. We are able to source product in many of the SG varieties, both in high production runs on disamatic machines, and hand moulded larger castings.

Yellow metals

We are at home supplying bronze and other yellow metal castings, and have over forty years experience in running an aluminium foundry. We are able to source both high run, and large one off castings.

Die Casting

For small high run castings, where fine detail is important, die castings becomes the process of choice. We are in contact with a number of quality die casting foundries, and would be happy to provide you with a competitive quotation.


Many of our products are required to maintain their structural integrity in hostile environments. To avoid the damage of rusting, galvanising is often the most appropriate long term solution. We source our galvanising from a large Eastern European plant that has enormous capabilities. We are able to offer a competitive price compared to UK companies, and an exceptional delivery time.


Many of our customers want us to deliver a complete product. More often that not this involves machining. We deal with a number of high quality machining companies that are able to cater for all of our customers needs. We are equally happy machining small high run castings on CNC machines, and also castings up to six tons and beyond.

Pattern Making

We are able to offer a full pattern making service both in the UK and abroad. This includes new patterns and alterations to existing equipment.


Following requests from our customers, we recently started to import metal fabrications. Although this is a relatively new business to us, we have found that we are able to supply high quality fabrications at an extremely competitive price.


It is critical to some of our customers that their castings are delivered painted. We are able to offer high quality painting finishes to satisfy this requirement.

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