As we source our product from a wide variety of quality assured companies, our pproduct range is enormous. Our main business is still in castings, but we are able to source almost any product to our customers specifications.

Our normal business is to supply castings to the specifications of our customers. For information about this service, please take a look at our capabilities page. However, we do offer some of our own products. These are detailed below.

Pipe Rollers

We are a major supplier of cast iron pipe rollers in the UK. We supply all nominal bore sizes from 50mm to 600mm. We hold all sizes in stock , but if you need a larger quantity than we hold, we can usually deliver within a month.

Cast Iron Fretts

We are also a supplier of cast iron fretts used in kebab grilling machines. We supply two sizes of fretts, and always hold stock. There is a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces on these products.


River Road Foundry is a division of The Stour Bay Trading Company Limited